Ideas from over seven years

Recently, I've compiled song ideas that I wrote into several Idea Notebooks. You can see a sample page here. You'll see it's a totally random potpourri of phrases - some are old cliches - I tried to eliminate duplicate entries. This book now runs for over thirty pages.

I'm offering copies of “The Title of Your Next Song” for ten dollars apiece. Please contact me in the Contact Tab if you would like a copy.

My New Book:  The Title of your Next Song

For songwriters everywhere: always have your Idea Notebook handy. Everyday, you'll hear on television or the radio - or read in a book or an article: a phrase that makes you say, “this belongs in a song!” Below, John Fogerty shares his notebook that he used to remember song ideas, including the two words “Proud Mary.” At the time he wrote this down, he wasn't sure what he would do with it, but he later used it as a truly inspired title for his most famous song.


John Fogerty showing his lyric idea notebook