I'll include my thoughts about music. I hope you'll share with me what music means to you.
That was easy!

Music is Fun!
I hope my music brings a smile to everyone who hears it. Music has the energy to be a new discovery every day. I’ve tried to put some humor into my lyrics. It’s always great to know we’ve shared a laugh together.
Music Can Heal
It helps little kids pretend, it helps old people remember, it helps hurting people heal. It’s magic! When I play music, I feel healthier. Music can give you the same healing power when you sing, dance, and play.
Music is Creative
It tastes better outdoors, near nature. I like to invite the birds to sing with me. People can sing with me too! Music has more textures in new settings, like at a Farmer’s Market. Being creative equals being alive.
Music Imagines World Peace
Give a child an instrument, encourage him to play, and look for a brighter future for everyone. There are inspiring stories about young musicians from Venezuela, Brazil, and all over the world! Music speaks to the human spirit everywhere.
Music is Next Door
Music is one of the friendliest neighbors on your street. Music wants to rejoice with you when you’re happy and mourn with you when you’re sad. You might hear this neighbor waving you a greeting tomorrow. Wave back!
Music is the Best Language.
My bilingual friend Raphael Fraisse heartily agreed with me when I said this, even reminding me that “music is the only language.”