A sidewalk troubadour

in your back yard!

Since 1991, Brian Peterson, a Twin Cities singer-guitarist-songwriter, has been charming audiences with his dazzling skills and vast repertoire.
“Brian’s song list goes through a Great American Songbook that includes Irving Berlin, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys. It’s a joyful sampling of the best music of our lives.”  

He’ll play those pop hits we remember, those vivid memes from our own past.  Every time he plays, it’s a different performance. Brian might give you a finger-picking country blues followed by a mellow classic love song, followed by a rock ‘n roll sing-along. You’ll hear a blend of virtuoso guitar playing and passionate vocals; but it’s the songs that stay with you. His original songs, recorded on five CDs, give a fascinating perspective on love, relationships and life in this modern world.

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1998 “When It’s Your Turn”
2001 “Look Up To The Sky” (available from CD Baby)
2003 “Carry This Tune” (available from CD Baby)
2006 “Thin Minutes” (available from CD Baby)
011 “The Next Songs” (available at live performances)
Minnesota (I've Known the Only Song)

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